Qwilr API Overview

Integrate the power of Qwilr with your CRM or data source and fast-track your sales processes with our API.

Create personalized sales content, at scale

With Qwilr's API, your CRM or central database can fuel customized proposals, quotes, invoices and more, at any volume.

Sales reps can programmatically personalize an existing document and send it, minutes after the customer call ends.

Create personalized quotes using data pulled from your database

Generate 1000s of pages that are error-free

When you integrate your CRM or database with Qwilr, your sales reps can send documents that are personalized, error-free and on-brand, with the click of a button.

Generate pages using data pulled from your CRM or database

Build automations that suit your business

Easily assemble customized documents with logic that draws from your saved content blocks. Or, trigger automated data flows and fulfilment cycles, when a customer accepts a proposal.

Whatever your sales cycle looks like, add razor-sharp efficiency with Qwilr's API.

Assemble custom documents using your saved content blocks

Increase win rates with an outstanding buyer experience

With Qwilr's API, your reps can be the first to respond, moving the deal along faster than the competition.

Proposals, price quotes and contracts can be combined into one professionally designed document, putting more control in the buyer's hands to move from the initial stage to acceptance.

Deliver a great buying experience

6 ways to use the Qwilr API

Explore use cases for the Qwilr API

Generate high-volume automated proposals

Using the API you can build pages automatically block-by-block. Create personalized proposals, with custom tokens pulling straight from your home-grown CRM - at the click of a button.

Create personalized building blocks for beautiful quotes

Automate the generation of beautiful rich-media brochures of relevant products with images, videos, and more using saved blocks with tokens. Merge customer and quote data from any data source, to deliver a single highly targeted proposal.

Connect Qwilr documents to your fulfilment system

Connect your document events, like 'Quote accepted', directly to your payment gateway. Or directly to the next step in your sales workflow.

Generate reports

Build a structured report, inserting required inputs from any system. Assemble data from different places into one single, visual report.

Generate outbound leads

Take two or three relevant data points about an outbound prospect to build a compelling, personalized lead-generation page that feels truly hand-crafted. Use saved blocks to tell a story unique for different audiences.

Create customized contracts

Automate a customized and personalized contract for NDA's or any other rapid-turnaround contracts, straight from your custom CRM.

Frequently asked questions

Qwilr is one of the many proposal tools that have an API. Qwilr's API can be used to create a custom integration and automate documents to be produced at scale. Extra fees apply. Talk to our sales team for a demo and custom quote.

Using Qwilr's API, you can connect any data source to pull in unique information and generate thousands of proposals. Build personalized reports, outbound sales material, customized contracts and more using the Qwilr API.

Using Qwilr's API you can create unique proposal content that's automatically created using the API connection. Automate the generation of beautiful proposals with images, videos, and data like company, contact, deal information and more using data variables from any data source.