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Completely transformed my sales and proposal process!

“I love how easy it is to create an interactive, immersive, and fast-loading proposal page that is geared and aimed at maximising conversions.”

Nathan Clark

How it works

Deliver interactive proposals and quotes that impress buyers. Send them in a few clicks direct from a CRM.

Software overview
Drag and drop reusable blocks of rich content
Buyers can sign and accept your web-based proposals
Get notified when your proposals are viewed, signed and accepted, and access detailed breakdowns of where in your document buyers are focussing their attention

Connected with the best

Qwilr integrates with all the leading CRM, sales and accounting software, like HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Quickbooks.

See what it's like to receive a web-based proposal

We'll send you a personalized proposal example in minutes so you can see how Qwilr compares to your current proposal experience.

vilders real estate residential real estate proposal prepared for hassan al-masri
it services proposal prepared for sofia ivanova by hypothetical it co
a marketing agency proposal prepared by alejandro morales
an event sponsorship proposal example
a conference venue proposal example
a SaaS proposal example

Qwilr drives revenue for sales teams

With Qwilr, your sales team unlocks revenue with insights into how buyers are engaging with your content at crucial stages of the deal.

500+ 5-star G2 reviews

Win rate


Increase in win rates with Qwilr.



To see full payback.

Time saved


Reduction in time to close deals.


Reduction in time spent creating sales materials.

See why 1000s of customers join Qwilr

Lucy and Heidi, cofounders of Mentorloop

Branded content


“Qwilr turned out to be the exact solution that we were looking for. We are using it after the demo stage, to provide our prospects with a customised and branded proposal that fully reflects the value we know we deliver.”

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In-depth analytics


“We sent a proposal to a prospect who originally didn’t want to sign. Six months later, I got an alert from Qwilr that the prospect had reopened the original proposal. I reached back out, and eventually they signed up for more than we had originally pitched them.”

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Residential real estate

Powerful automations


“We have different templates for different customer types, and both the proposals and agreements use tokens to pull data and pricing directly from Salesforce, reducing the chance of an error. Having that certainty of accuracy means that many proposals no longer needed to be reviewed, which has saved our VP of Sales valuable hours.”

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 Loved by 4000+ customers

Transformed our quotations!

“I love how visually appealing Qwilr is in regards to the proposals we send our clients. We've had really positive feedback, even from people very high up at Apple.”

Luke T.

Proposal generation that's easy and beautiful

“Consistent appearance of the documents we create with Qwilr means that our proposals always look good and feel like us. The extensive library functions make it possible to reuse content easily and save time.”

Spencer K.

Favorite Sales Tool!

“There is so much that I can do with Qwilr. We've been able to build several sales templates and then depending on the needs of our clients, choose the right template which means that we can speed up our sales process.”

Benji S.

Easy to use and creates impressive proposals.

“Qwilr does a great job. It's easy to use, produces great-looking proposal documents, integrates with HubSpot and provides a digital record that the client has accepted. Best of all, unlike the rest that I've used, the PDFs that it produces look brilliant too.”

Verified User

Game Changer for Our Business

“We're solving the problem of dead quotes that lose momentum with Qwilr. We leverage the ability to see times quotes have been viewed quite a bit.”

Hunter T.

Qwilr has changed the way we sell.

“Qwilr pages are beautiful & simple, and they set us apart from the competition. They are much easier to edit than other proposal services out there — meaning we can send more quotes in a shorter period of time.”

Adam M.