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Qwilr is one of HubSpot's Essential Apps for Sales in 2023

Qwilr + HubSpot

Create personalized proposals, pitch decks, customer onboarding docs and more with the click of a button using Qwilr and HubSpot.

Speed up your sales cycle

Automate personalized sales material, collect esignatures, send quotes, and track analytics in a few easy steps

Step one

Create personalized sales material in one-click from HubSpot

Shorten the time it takes to create sales material. Qwilr’s ready-made templates let sales reps generate pages instantly from HubSpot. Reps can drag and drop content for quick customization from a library of content blocks that catch your buyer’s attention.

Instantly create Qwilr pages from within HubSpot
Step two

Personalize pages with accuracy using HubSpot data

Personalize every page automatically with HubSpot data. Qwilr pulls in data from Deal, Company or Contact records.

Dynamically personalize content using data pulled from HubSpot
Step three

Collect e-signatures and payment

Add legally binding electronic signature fields to proposals for faster approval. Let buyers accept and pay on the spot with the options embedded in the document.

Accelerate deals by collecting legally-compliant e-signatures right from your Qwilr pages
Step four

Send a link and track activity within the deal record

Share a link with your buyers, track when they view or accept your document within HubSpot itself. Or, track how they’re engaging with every page using Qwilr’s analytics.

Manage your Qwilr page from within HubSpot. Share a link with your buyers, invite your team to collaborate, or continue editing

Enhance your HubSpot integration

Watch out for more features to supercharge your Qwilr & HubSpot integration coming soon! You can also connect additional tools to help increase your sales velocity.

Get started with HubSpot

Visit our help documentation to connect your HubSpot account to Qwilr and start automating personalized sales material.

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Integrate Qwilr with HubSpot

Frequently asked questions

Qwilr customers can create proposals directly from their HubSpot CRM with a Qwilr Business or Enterprise plan. Once templates are created, details from Contact, Company, and Deal records can automatically be pulled in to personalize proposals at scale.

Proposals created with Qwilr using the HubSpot integration are completely mobile responsive. Qwilr proposals are created as online pages, instead of a PDF. You can create thousands of proposals or sales materials with Qwilr, knowing they will work on any screen resolution.

Proposals created with Qwilr using the HubSpot integration are completely interactive. Add dynamic pricing, Calendly links, videos, images, animations, an interactive ROI calculator, and more - all with Qwilr's proposal software.

Qwilr proposals generated through the HubSpot integration have the ability to capture digital e-signatures. Collect one or multiple signatures to accelerate deals and capture details from your customers. Qwilr e-signatures support legally-binding documents.